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QuizGroup joined the YouTube Partnership Program in 2010. Currently, we are one of the largest global Multichannel Networks on YouTube.

We constantly strive to make our platform the best in the market. We have been doing business on YouTube for a long time but our partners never fail to impress us with their outstanding creativity and passion; their ability to launch brand new channels and evolve them into champions. The magic just keeps on happening.


Our aim is to provide our partners with the broadest range of tools and information to make their channels grow exponentially in terms of views and earnings. We have gained enormous expertise in channel building on YouTube and developed our own tech solutions which enable you to conquer this complicated environment. We do not just aggregate partner channels. We have built up many channels from infancy to ultimately achieving hundreds or millions of views.


We are aware of the multiple issues you may face with YouTube and are able to provide you with the best solutions. We understand the pain of having third party claims, facing conflicts or strikes; we have been through all these scenarios a myriad of times and can pass on our extensive knowledge via effective tools giving you the confidence and reassurance to allow safe, fast growth within YouTube.

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We are always working hard to make our system the most uncomplicated and convenient in the market. We are happy to provide the back-end service so that you can focus on being creative. Your time management is one of our top priorities. You are able to access all the key parameters of your channel wherever you are, identify any issues and immediately address them. In most cases our regular options will resolve your issue as we have programmed many of these to be performed automatically. However, in more unusual situations our support team are always at your disposal.

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